Saturday, October 4, 2008

Florida, South Florida and their QB's fall

The reigning Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and a name just popping up on the Heisman radar screen Matt Grothe of the South Florida Bulls weren't able to keep their teams unbeaten this past week. Both played at home and both played against teams that didn't look to be the biggest stumbling blocks on their respective team's schedules.
The Gators let Ole Miss stop them on a fourth down conversion in the fourth quarter that had 22 men at the point of attack, including Tebow who had nowhere to go even though he was a few yards deep in his own backfield.
In a nationally televised Thursday night game for the USF Bulls, Grothe played a back and forth game with the Pitt Panthers. I spoke with Head Coach Jim Leavitt at a local high school game last night and he didn't make any excuses saying, "We got outcoached and outplayed."
Last Saturday's loss put the Bulls ahead of the Gators in the rankings for a week, but the 10th ranked Bulls will certainly fall significantly, unless a bunch of teams fall this Saturday.
Tebow isn't being asked to carry the load on the ground for Florida nearly as much this year and it would have been a good call to use their speed to convert that fourth down call instead of trying to barrel to down the Rebels' throat, but who can blame offensive coordinator Dan Mullen when it worked every time last year--maybe that is the problem--when it works in the previous year, teams work on that and prepare.
For USF, their great defensive end George Selvie wasn't in to help make the stops and sacks that he usually is, but with Grothe just making into some discussions about greatness, his team falls to one that isn't.

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