Saturday, November 22, 2008

McNabb Lost in OT

There haven't been many ties in the National Football League, in fact 17 in all, but there have been plenty of games get to "sudden death". First team to score wins, everyone knows that, but what only about half the league knows is that if no one scores in the extra 15 minute period, it is a tie.
I was completely blown away that Donovan McNabb didn't know what would happen after the extra period or that there was no discussion on the sideline with the coaches. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised as the Eagles are the same team that in the Super Bowl a few years ago, acted like they didn't know the object was to score more points than the other team. That performance prompted Terrell Owens to make derogatory comments about McNabb and got him to Dallas. The fact that long time veteran receiver Hines Ward agreed that he didn't know the rules either is also befuddling, since he played in the last game that ended in a tie! Ben Roethlisberger circled the wagons for Donovan as well, but it doesn't do much for the image of the league for some of its biggest stars to admit they don't have a clue about their rules that most couch potatoes do.

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