Sunday, February 7, 2010

Scholarship Conversation Not Appropriate

It doesn't matter how great any 13 year old athlete is in any sport, having any contact or conversation with a coach from a college or university about a scholarship offer is wrong and should be outlowed by the NCAA.
Lane Kiffin was known for some outlandish things before and during his tenure at the University of Tennessee, but news of a scholarship offer to a 13 year old quarterback takes the cake. Even if it was just a good-natured, fun talk and not a formal offer, this should not be acceptable.
National signing day was last week and many players that had made verbal commitments to certain schools, were disappointed to find out that there was not going to be a formal offer after-all. Anything could happen to Kiffin's career at USC and since 13 year olds haven't even entered high school, a scholarship is something to strive for, not commit to. This just opens the door to parents and kids worrying about things beyond their need.
As a private trainer, I am in the business of getting players in position to earn scholarships, but this is just too early and needs to be addressed by the NCAA, so that coaches, players and parents don't get more carried away than they already are.

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