Monday, November 26, 2007

Tebow is America's Best College Football Player

The Heisman Trophy will be presented in a couple of weeks and the first sophomore in the trophy's history will win the coveted award as the nation's best football player. Tim Tebow was a man of a boy coming out of high school last year as he subbed in for Chris Leak quite regularly to pick up a third down or rush for a touchdown and even jump shoot a touchdown pass when needed. He was "Superman" in his freshman year, but could he run the show full time? I wrote an article at this spring when that question was swirling and noted that when he did get some playing time in a blowout victory over a small school, he proved to me that he had enough passing skill to be "thee" guy.
His team has lost three games this year and that does not usually mean you carry home the Heisman hardware at the end of the season, but with all of his TD's this year on the ground and through the air, there is really no one that can stand up to his weekly heroics.
Chase Daniel has come to national attention with his Mizzou Tigers knocking of Kansas and playing for the Big 12 title against Oklahoma, but no one really knows about this kid other than the stat sheet and box score. Tim Tebow has been on national television countless times for all voters to see. Colt Brennan at Hawaii just guided his team to an undefeated season and broke the NCAA record for TD's. He also missed three games this season and their biggest win was against Boise State, which doesn't bode well for garnering Heisman votes, nor does playing a half-dozen time zones away from America's spotlight.
Darren McFadden is the runner-up this year. He is such a talented runner that the Razorbacks made him their Tim Tebow and let him take the direct shotgun snap and run wild. He even threw a few passes in the upset over LSU on Thanksgiving!
It was a crying shame for Oregon and Dennis Dixon that his knee was injured. Their season and his Heisman chances buckled at the same time. Because Oregon was at the top of the rankings, if he stayed healthy and they continued to win, he would have been the runaway winner, but those "if"s" didn't happen and Tim Tebow is the best football player in the nation regardless of age. College football has not seen a runner/passer of his kind ever and he deserves the award this year!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brady Bests Manning

Tom Brady took more of a beating against the Colts than he had in all eight games combined, but he and his Patriot teammates persevered until the final gun and came up victors. Manning had the game in hand, but had the ball stripped out of his hand at the wrong time and gave New England the final chance it needed to put the game away. These two teams are the best in the league, but if Dallas is hot at the right moment, they will compete from the NFC side.
I like both of these QB's and they are the best in the entire league, followed closely by Big Ben and Tony Romo and they are probably the four best teams in the NFL right now. As I have always said, "It's always about the QB".