Saturday, February 9, 2008

Super Game

I expected the Super Bowl to be a good game, not the 12 point differential that the oddsmakers predicted, but I did not expect the Patriots to play so conservatively or miss so many opportunities to save the win or win it outright.
Congratulations definitely go out to the Giants for their tough performance, but please don't tell me that they "stomped them out", as Michael Strahan pronounced at their victory rally a couple days later.
Eli Manning proved all personality styles can be great quarterbacks, it comes down to executing the offense and he did that very well throughout the playoffs and including the biggest game of all.
The most unbelievable thing of all is that back to back Super Bowl MVP's grew up in the same house. Way to go Archie!
And I will admit that I was wrong last March when I predicted the Pats would win the Super Bowl, but I will go on record now and say they will win it in Tampa next year! I reserve the right to update that prediction after free agency.