Sunday, April 20, 2008

2008 QB Draft Preview

This year's draft class of QB's isn't very sexy. Matt Ryan made a big move up the board with a tremendous performance and great throw at the end of the game to be Virginia Tech. He has good skills, but not exciting and unless a team is in real need, may be a mid first rounder, even though I have heard many "draft gurus" talk very highly of him.
Brian Brohm is this year's Matt Leinart. He was annointed the first pick of next year's draft after his junior year, but his senior year fell way off. Leinart had a much better senior year, but Vince Young emerged with the national title trophy and had a heisman type night to show what athleticism can do for a team. I still believe Leinart is a better "quarterback" for managing his team and the game, but he still needs to grow up and become the team leader that Arizona desparately needs. Brohm, on the other hand, has even less physical tools than Leinart, but should still become a very solid player in the NFL, but he like Leinart gave up millions of dollars staying in college.
No one ever heard of Delaware's Joe Flacco, even after playing in the national championship game (Division I-AA). He is big and athletic and has a nice fluid drop and delivery and tight spiral. Could easily and probably should be picked ahead of Brohm for potential, that will be one to watch on Saturday night.
Chad Henne never impressed me in college. I didn't spend a lot of time evaluating him, but he never jumped out at me as a top prospect when I watched Michigan play and to lose to Appalachian State at home is a tough one to swallow.
Andre Woodson from Kentucky has a horrible throwing motion with elbows all over the place. Don't know who taught him that technique, but he needs to get with a good teacher and reconstruct that delivery and then let the big, athletic ability take over.
Colt Brennan may throw the tightest spiral in the draft, but his small size and shoulder level delivery make it tough for him to be successful unless he plays in a similar style as his college program. One big problem, no one in the NFL has a similar style and his poor mechanics were exposed against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. He has impressed me on many, many throws, but probably won't get much of a chance for a while in the pros.