Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tebow Legs Another Win

Following one of the worst looking games by an NFL quarterback and taking the massive flak that only Tim Tebow can generate, he weathered it and came back the following week by winning a division game on the road. Tebow ran and threw for over 100 yards and he got help from the rest of his team, including a special teams touchdown.
If the Denver Broncos are willing to change their offense to fit his skills, they will probably be very competitive in most of their games, but by the beating he took against the Raiders, the Broncos will have to be ready to go back to their standard offense with either Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn, because neither of them are going to run the offense the way Tebow does. This is the dilemma for any NFL team that takes a college QB that runs the spread option, but has tons of athletic ability. The Carolina Panthers are bound to find out what it is like to play without Cam Newton sometime as well, but he hasn't taken the pounding in starting all of their games this year as it seems Tebow has in his 2 starts.