Saturday, March 31, 2012

Feast Or Famine For Jets?

Acquiring Tim Tebow from the Broncos could be a real boon for the New York Jets if used properly, but most likely will become a nightmare before the end of the 2012 season and the coaches and fans will have an equal hand in what could have been a dream for all involved. 
If Tebow is used as a motion receiver coming across the formation quickly, causing the linebackers to respect quick pressure on contain, sometimes getting the ball and others simply a decoy, Mark Sanchez and the the New York Jets offense could be very formidable.  But the more likely scenario is taking Sanchez off the field or making him a worthless decoy as a receiver, which will not give them any advantage.
The real debacle is going to be the Jets fans and their reaction to Sanchez when he misses an early pass or two.  There will be a significant amount of fans calling for Tebow to get in there as the regular QB and that will start dividing the locker room and eventually lead to a losing situation for all involved.
Done properly, more Jets apparel and merchandise will be sold than ever before and the on field success will match it, but the more likely scenario is an ugly divorce in the not too distant future.  Then the smiles will be wiped off both of the GQ coverboys' faces.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Timmy and the Jets

While being quite disappointed that the Denver Broncos and John Elway didn't want to keep Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning on the same team and take advantage of both of their abilities.  There wouldn't have been a threat to Manning and would only have been replaced because of injury.  We all saw what happened to the Indianapolis Colts when they went to a back up QB, so why not go back to what took the Broncos to the playoffs last year if Manning goes down with a serious injury.  Who are the Broncos going to hand the franchise to if Manning goes down early in 2012?  They had a better backup plan than probably any other team in the league and one that was proven successful.
Instead, Elway and Company shipped Tebow to NYC and the Jets, where they just inked Mark Sanchez to a lot of guaranteed money.  This should secure him as their starter, but with his up and down performances, Jets fans will be quick with the hook (boos after their first 3 and out each Sunday) and will cause all kinds of contension in the locker room, coaches room and Big Apple in general.  At least New York is big enough to handle all of it and it sure will be fun to watch!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Josh Johnson Should Be Top Of FA Lists

His name hasn't been on the lists of hot free agents, but a weapon that any team could use is Buccaneers QB Josh Johnson. He is 6'3 with 4.4-4.5 speed that can play quarterback and be a "slash" wide receiver, backfield motion guy for special plays. If Peyton Manning chooses somewhere other than Denver to play then Josh Johnson to the Broncos would be their best option for not only having another option for keeping their "Tebow Offense" in place, but have a key weapon for creating more space for everybody, if he was brought in motion and Tebow faked a handoff to him or gave it to him now and then. His run/pass options would be phenomenal! I thought the Philadelphia Eagles could have used Michael Vick in this same capacity in his first year back from prison. It would have created much more room for Donovan McNabb and neutralized the D-Linemen and LB's just enough so that they wouldn't be able to get upfield so fast. Johnson's starting experience and numbers weren't great in Tampa, but that had more to do with the overall state of the Buccaneers offense than anything else.  And when Josh Freeman took over the reins at QB, they only put him in on a couple of run plays from shotgun.  They also threw a deep ball down the sidelines where he had badly beaten the defensive back, but Freeman threw it out of bounds.
The Denver Broncos should have him on speed dial in case they lose Manning and they probably will, since rarely does the team with the first visit actually get the player.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Yoda and Luke Should Unite In Denver

Luke Skywalker battled many stormtroopers and worse for two "Star Wars" movies before meeting Yoda and becoming a Jedi Knight. Tim Tebow did well in his second year to lead the Broncos to a playoff win last season, but having Peyton Manning mentor Tebow for two or three seasons would be the best thing to extend Tebow's career and have him emerge a "Jedi Quarterback", able to do far more than he would be able to do if he just keeps doing it the way he is now. The Broncos know they cannot win regularly enough in the fashion that they played the second half of the year and although Tebow is extremely durable and tough, his bravado won't hold up year in and year out in the NFL. And it is much easier to find QB's that fit the standard model of pass first, run if necessary, versus ground and pound with the QB and slip in a play-action now and then for a big play. Finding another player like Tebow to run his style offense is actually impossible, because there is only one Tim Tebow. So, no matter how much you love Tebow, you can't blame the Broncos brass for hedging their bets on the long-term health of their battering ram signal-caller. Of the teams seemingly in the Manning sweepstakes, the Denver Broncos seem to be the best fit for Manning to have the most success. Beating the intra-division Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers seems to be the easiest road to the playoffs and a possible run to another shot at a Super Bowl. For Tebow, he would develop his mind and probably his throwing techniques more in this scenario than any other. Unlike when Brett Favre said it was not his job to help develop Aaron Rogers, Peyton Manning wouldn't feel threatened by Tebow's presence and would probably welcome the mentoring situation. It would also be easy and fun to develop a special package for Tebow to be involved in the offense on some special plays that would help him stay involved and probably be a real "X Factor" like he was his freshman year at the University of Florida that coincidentally ended in a national championship

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Manning's Next Stop?

Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning kept it classy while making the decision to part ways official. The money that Peyton Manning commands and deserves is just too much for a team holding the #1 overall draft pick and a player like Andrew Luck at the top of the collegiate list. The Colts were the worst team in the NFL without Manning and were one of the best every year with him as their signal caller, but the intersection of the player's best interest and the team's best interest crossed, just as it has for many teams that have had to make tough decisions on their star players. The Peyton Sweepstakes odds-making are in full swing and I was saddened to read the report that says Manning is not interested in playing for the Washington Redskins. For those dreaming of an All-Manning Super Bowl are just that, dreaming. No QB has left his team this late in his career and taken the next team to the Super Bowl, although Brett Favre did come close and probably would have if it wasn't for those darned New Orleans Saints and their bounties. If Manning played in D.C., the Manning brothers would be guaranteed to play twice each year, and since the divorce is ultimately about money, everyone could cash in on those matchups. Imagine tons more of those Oreo commercials! Also, moving to D.C. now would give Peyton more time to find a nice place to stay before he moves into the White House as President of the United States in 2016 or 2020.