Monday, March 12, 2012

Yoda and Luke Should Unite In Denver

Luke Skywalker battled many stormtroopers and worse for two "Star Wars" movies before meeting Yoda and becoming a Jedi Knight. Tim Tebow did well in his second year to lead the Broncos to a playoff win last season, but having Peyton Manning mentor Tebow for two or three seasons would be the best thing to extend Tebow's career and have him emerge a "Jedi Quarterback", able to do far more than he would be able to do if he just keeps doing it the way he is now. The Broncos know they cannot win regularly enough in the fashion that they played the second half of the year and although Tebow is extremely durable and tough, his bravado won't hold up year in and year out in the NFL. And it is much easier to find QB's that fit the standard model of pass first, run if necessary, versus ground and pound with the QB and slip in a play-action now and then for a big play. Finding another player like Tebow to run his style offense is actually impossible, because there is only one Tim Tebow. So, no matter how much you love Tebow, you can't blame the Broncos brass for hedging their bets on the long-term health of their battering ram signal-caller. Of the teams seemingly in the Manning sweepstakes, the Denver Broncos seem to be the best fit for Manning to have the most success. Beating the intra-division Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers seems to be the easiest road to the playoffs and a possible run to another shot at a Super Bowl. For Tebow, he would develop his mind and probably his throwing techniques more in this scenario than any other. Unlike when Brett Favre said it was not his job to help develop Aaron Rogers, Peyton Manning wouldn't feel threatened by Tebow's presence and would probably welcome the mentoring situation. It would also be easy and fun to develop a special package for Tebow to be involved in the offense on some special plays that would help him stay involved and probably be a real "X Factor" like he was his freshman year at the University of Florida that coincidentally ended in a national championship

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