Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Patriots Will Win!

The Patriots cannot be beaten in perfect weather and the weather is guaranteed to be perfect on Sunday!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Conference Championships

Congratulations to Eli Manning for getting the piano off his back. It took a Super Bowl win for Steve Young to get the weight of Joe Montana's multiple rings off his back, but Eli got Peyton's weight off, just by taking the Giants further than the Colts this year. A Super Bowl win will have to be in Eli's future, but for now, a conference championship appearance is satisfactory--which is why the New York Football Giants will surely lose this weekend in Green Bay.

On the AFC side, the Patriots have been anointed since September and there ain't no way the Chargers are going to slay this dragon. Tom Brady's bunch are a far superior team even if San Diego was at full strength and at this point Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates are out with injuries. It was great to see Norv Turner take an impossible situation and succeed, but the joyride ends Sunday night.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eli Advances, Peyton Relaxes, Patriots Stand Pat

The NFL Divisional playoffs were quite entertaining and quite surprising even for the "experts" on the pre-game shows. Not too many on TV or not predicted that Eli would last longer than Peyton, but the younger Manning is "money" on the road and Lambeau is the next stop.
I am happy for Norv Turner to make it to the AFC Championship game because he is a pretty nice guy (he was the WR coach when I was in Los Angeles with the Rams), and because he took a no-win situation following the Chargers 14-2 2006 season, but after a slow start, they are playing for a chance to go to the Super Bowl.
Tony Romo took his weekend off and spent it with his buddies--and Jessica-- in Mexico, but that had nothing to do with the loss at all. Too bad they couldn't block well enough and Crayton dropped a great sidearmed throw by Romo that would have been a big play and kept the drive alive instead of a punt from deep in their own territory. The McQuarters' 36 yard punt return didn't help either.
Tom Brady was, well, Tom Brady on Saturday night. The Patriots had to play hard to take out the game Jaguars, but New England is just too sound throughout the organization. I am a David Garrard fan as well as Brady and felt bad for him, but thought Jacksonville represented themselves well and will be a team to be reckoned with for years to come.
So Brett Favre won another snowy game at home--I thought he should have hung 'em up a couple of years ago (only because he was questioning himself and if he still wanted the ball with 2 minutes left), but he sure has added to his Hall of Fame resume and his legend with this entire season. Good for him!
Brady welcomes Rivers to town--no contest--Patriots win easily.
Favre in his swan song taking on "little" Manning. It was great to see Eli win a couple playoff games and get that monkey off his back, but Brett won't lose this one with another chance at a ring hanging in the balance.
Good luck to Tony Dungy as he retires and moves back to Tampa--just a prediction, but a pretty good one I think.