Monday, December 10, 2007

Best QB's 2007

No need to wait until the final game of 2007 to say that Tom Brady is the best pro quarterback this year--hands down!
Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophy Saturday night in New York as college football's most outstanding player, but he too was the best in '07. Colt Brennan played on an undefeated team and his team depended on him for its success just as must as the Gators depended on Tebow, maybe even more, but that doesn't make him a better football player or quarterback than Tebow.
Both Tebow and Brennan have mechanical issues when throwing the football and I can't help but conjure up the ghost of Jeff George when I watch Brennan sling the ball off his shoulder and throw without help from his back foot. Like George, he is extremely accurate and when the defense finally cheats up on all of June Jone's "run and shoot" flat routes, Colt makes them pay with deadly accurate deep balls as well. I just can't get past the second rate competition that makes up the majority of Hawaii's schedule. Tim Tebow plays in the highest level competition week in and week out in the SEC. Yes, his team lost three games, but he didn't have a terrible game in any of those to cost his team the game in any of them. Tebow needs to tighten up his delivery and tweak his own balance issues, but he is the "new breed" of "crossover" QB that can run like Larry Csonka and throw as well as the top guys in the game.
Check out my postings at from this past spring. I wrote articles on both Brady and Tebow. After the Patriots acquired Randy Moss, I wrote that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl. We still have to wait for that prediction to come true, but for Tebow, the question marks were big about his passing ability and I broke down his performance against inferior competition as a freshman, but noted his ability to throw was good enough to make it big and he did, becoming the first sophomore to win the coveted Heisman.
Congrats to both Tom and Tim, America's Best QB's 2007!!

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