Friday, July 11, 2008

Brett is Back

Brett Favre can't say goodbye. When he said to Terry Bradshaw that he wasn't sure he was the guy that wanted to the ball in his hand with two minutes left, I said he should go ahead and hang 'em up. Now the guy officially retires, lets the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rogers, his heir apparent, move on with their lives. HOLD ON, not so fast, Brett has gone done to Biloxi or Hattisburg or somewhere in Mississippi and realized he does not want to live there full time quite yet.
This puts the Packers in a real tough spot. The organization was moving on after Favre ended his career on a high note, playing the best football he had in a few years. It was a feel good ending for everyone--Packer fan or Favre fan or neither. But now #4 just can't put the cleats away and walk away gracefully. Today it was announced that he officially asked for his release from the Green Bay Packers. A separation like this hasn't been seen since Joe Montana headed to the AFC's Kansas City Chiefs, but the potential of Favre playing for anybody but the Pack is of far greater shock than an oft injured Montana (with Steve Young in the wings) leaving the 49ers even with more rings than Favre has generated for Green Bay.
What is the motivation to return? Did he go back and check his legacy chart and see that Peyton Manning is on course to break his records if he stays healthy and want to make it just a little bit harder for Manning if he sticks around for another year or two? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the conversation for acquiring his services because they are always on the radar screen with Jon Gruden's love of every quarterback not on his roster.
There is so much to be lost for Brett Favre in his return as far as legacy and nothing to be gained. A few more yards, touchdowns and interceptions are not worth pictures of #4 in another team's jersey. Let's not kid ourselves with thoughts of adding another Lombardi trophy with a new team, so unless Michael Jordan personally told him it was a great ending with the Washington Wizards, then please Brett, please stay home and enjoy your incredible legacy!

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