Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vick Pleads Guilty Again

Michael Vick was back in a courtroom Tuesday, pleading guilty to state dogfighting charges in hopes of getting out of jail faster and back on the football field as soon as possible. I'm no apologist for Michael Vick and his life of deception regarding illegal activities and the Joey Porter's of the world need to keep quiet trying to justify his actions, but Vick should not be treated more severely than his former NFL chums that ran afoul of the law. He has been suspended from the NFL since August of 2007--that's already two full football seasons. I'm not sure what team is going to jump in and take the public outrage over signing him, or the coaching staff that wants to change their team's offense to fit his style, but let's not hang him from a higher horse than the rest of us. Upon release he will have paid his debts as the state and federal government laid before him. He has taken responsibility and apologized to the public for his crimes and as long as Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't try to go even further, he should be reinstated and given a second chance just like everyone else in the NFL, because that is "The American Way."
God bless you and your families this Thanksgiving.

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