Tuesday, November 17, 2009

QB of the decade?

Watching the titanic clash of two of the greatest QB's in NFL history Sunday night was fun and finished in an unbelievable way, but what kept gnawing at me was ESPN's promotion of Peyton Manning for QB of the decade.
Nothing against his outstanding accomplishments by any means whatsoever, but for all the stats that he has put up in the 2000's, it's Tom Brady's Lombardi Trophies that matter most isn't it?
Brady has four Super Bowl appearances and if it wasn't for the miracle finish engineered by Peyton's brother Eli, he would have four shiny championship trophies as well.
Peyton has started every game of his career, which has never been done as far as I know, and he is the first to post 40,000 yards in a career, but one appearance and one win in the Super Bowl leaves me wondering how you could separate these two incredible team leaders.
Wasn't it apropos then that Tom Brady built an insurmountable lead in the game, only for the best regular season QB to win it with a big comeback!

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