Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aaron Rogers Best QB in 2011

Aaron Rogers became the best QB in the NFL last year. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have ruled the top of the NFL list as 1 and 1a. for a decade, but just as the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts have depended on those two QB's as much or more than any teams have in NFL history, Rogers is now that guy, carrying his team on his shoulders. Yes, he has a pretty good defense, but his ream runs because of his efficiency on offense. The Green Bay Packers have been challenged this year, as they have run their perfect record to 6-0, but they are a dominant team and are tough to stop with Rogers' ability to move in and around the pocket and then get rid of the ball with a great release and plenty of power. Who knows when or if Peyton Manning makes it back to the game and Tom Brady still has plenty left in the tank, but Aaron Rogers is firmly on top of the league's top QB's.

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