Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Brady Handles Media Perfectly

When an NFL team makes their draft picks each year, the higher the pick, the more immediate impact is expected on the field this season.  Second round picks are usually expected to get regular playing time, but not necessarily walk right into the starting spot.  QB's are always an exception, with many more rookie first round picks expected to walk right into the starter's role, but this season year's crop of signal-callers seem to have gone back in time a bit and will get a small chance to develop before being thrown to the wolves.
The New England Patriots took Jimmy Garappolo from Eastern Illinois in the second round, which immediately sent the media into a frenzy to see what incumbent super star Tom Brady thought of the selection.  Brady is nearing the end of his career, whether he likes to think it is or not, but I wouldn't put it past one of the best pocket passers of all time, to extend it out further than most have been able to do.  Ryan Mallett was a third round pick a few years ago and he looks to be on the move out of New England soon, leaving the small school Garappolo as the heir apparent even though Brady thinks Garappolo will be an old man before getting a chance to lead the Patriots from under center.
With the media and behind the microphone following the draft, Brady was brilliant as he so often is on the field, saying that Bill Belichick is always interested in fielding the best team and that he (Belichick) doesn't care who is the quarterback.  No whining or crying from Brady, just the acknowledgment that in the NFL, they are always looking for the next guy that can get the job done.  Tom Brady turns off a lot of people around the country due to the appearance of his attitude on and off the field, but most of that is simple jealousy or just the competition factor of wishing their team could be his.  In this case he was masterful at handling the media and many around the league can learn something from him when they are posed with the same challenge of a high draft pick.

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