Sunday, October 28, 2007

Clash of the "Titans"

The Titans may be in Tennessee, but the true titans of the NFL will lock up next Sunday in Indianapolis as both the Colts and Patriots had easy wins to remain unbeaten and set up last season's rematch of the AFC title game.
I wrote on back in the spring as soon as the Patriots acquired Randy Moss that they would win the Super Bowl. As they rip through their opponents each and every week, making it look like child's play, it seems like a pretty good prediction, but the Colts are steamrolling most of their challengers as well.
Like the title game, this will be a home game for Indy and is probably the biggest reason they were able to advance to the Super Bowl. Right now New England looks invincible and everything is clicking unbelievably well. I still am not ready to say that Tom Brady (30 TD's at the half way point) and his comrades will match the '72 Dolphins undefeated season, but I think they will keep it going at least this coming Sunday. They are playing with motivation to prove that the cheating scandal didn't have much to do with how good they really are and that will be enough in this regular season matchup to get the W.

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