Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cowboys Miracle Win--Bills Meltdown

Did you stay up to see the most improbable win by the Cowboys Monday night? Always give credit to the team that won, they had to make a number of plays, including two 53 yard field goals to finally seal the deal, but I haven't seen a meltdown like that since the Cardinals gave the Bears that win last year and Denny Green gave us the now infamous, "They are who we thought they were" classic line.
With rookie QB Trent Edwards starting for the injured J.P. Losman, they could have put the game away with a simple field goal up 24-16. Instead, they put it in the hands of their rookie QB who throws it late outside and it gets tipped at the line and Terrance Newman almost took it about 90 yards. Evans showed how fast he really is chasing him down with plenty of field left to go.
After the Cowboys made it 24-22 and missed the two point conversion, they hustled better than the Bills on the onside kick to recover at the Bills 47. What I can't figure out after T.O. dropped the ball on review and it went back to the 47, was how the Buffalo defense gave up two sideline plays with time running out to even give Folk a chance at a long field goal to win. He nailed two in a row after the first one was waived off on the last second time-out by Dick Jauron. Cowboys win 25-24.
The first order of business for the NFL this off-season will be to change the time-out rule on those kicks. That cheap ploy has been used against the Raiders and others, even Urban Meyer used it against Auburn, but it didn't work for him or for Dick. That rule needs to be changed for all levels of football and make the time-out call at 5 seconds or not at all.

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