Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 Franchise QB's Go in 1st

The Lions, Jets and Buccaneers all need a "face" for their franchises and as Saturday afternoon turned into evening, all three have acquired their guy! Matthew Stafford seemed to drop on many draft guru's lists as draft day approached, but the worst team in the NFL stuck with the long-time favorite top pick. The Jets made an aggressive move to get someone they think can fill their most important position after the one year Brett Favre experiment. Mark Sanchez seems to be the most ready QB to step in and play well in September (no rookie is ever really ready, but if the team around him is solid, they can survive the rookie rocky road that most go down).
The Buccaneers haven't drafted a quarterback number one since Trent Dilfer in 1994 and this wasn't a popular pick by fans or media in the Tampa area. But, Raheem Morris said this guy is the best of all of them (at least he will be before it is all over) and they had to go get their guy. Doug Williams (former Buc great and current Buc executive) said that Josh Freeman will not be expected to play in his rookie season, but I think he will see significant time.
There wasn't much else to talk about after that, but Pat White did go earlier than expected (2nd round, #44 overall) to the Miami Dolphins and the Dolphins promptly released John Beck, who was their second round pick only two years ago. Top seniors Chase Daniel and Graham Harrell both went undrafted.

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