Monday, June 22, 2009

Matt Leinart Takes on Mixed Martial Arts

Former Heiman Trophy winning QB Matt Leinart has been struggling to find playing time with the Arizona Cardinals after being drafted in the first round. Just saw where he has been working with Jay Glazer in mixed martial arts. This may just be an effort to get into better shape and get a little bit tougher. This is absolutely the best thing he could have ever done for his career!
I recently started teaching QB's to understand their balance and athleticism through being in a fighting posture. It also shows how the football should be thrown in a similar way to a punch. You should not lead your throw with your elbow! The elbow should be above the shoulder at release and stay up as the football goes to the target like your fist would be tracking for an overhand right to the jaw. It also helps you to control your wrist. If you keep your wrist cocked back, your punch would be sissy-like, hitting with your palm area. You should be hitting with the big knuckles of your hand and you must keep your wrist straight to make that happen.
Another thing about the balance in fighting (and Leinart's video shows he still lacks any power being generated through his hips) is you keep your head back and turn your hips to generate power, similarly in throwing the football. Too many players push off of their back foot and lean their face forward, straightening out their back leg too early. An equal bend in the knees as you turn your hips to your target and stayiing balanced between your legs will improve your overall balance considerably.
I am happy to see Matt working hard, but he needs to understand the relation to his "real" craft as he "paints the fence and sands the floor" in his version of the "Karate Kid".

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