Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Mechanics At Any Age

The organization that my 7 year old son plays for here in Tampa used a photo of him for promoting their wares.
For you dads trying to help your own kids out, he is in almost perfect position. Obviously he is on the run, which can throw things off, but his throwing arm is in great position, with only a move of the ball's tip in the air, but almost perfect. His right arm is at a 90 degree angle--perfect. The only improvement to be made is in his left arm. If his hand was above his elbow, pulling down to his side, he would be picture perfect. Since he is my son, he is perfect regardless, but kids can learn proper technique very early if they want to.

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Unknown said...

It's amazing how unbiased you are when it comes to your kids..... ;)
Get Gavin into that stance!!