Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bradford's Pro Day: Aikman-like

It wasn't as well attended as Tim Tebow's pro day a couple of weeks ago, but it drew rave reviews just the same. Tebow was praised for making some adjustments to his throwing motion to improve. Oklahoma's Sam Bradford was praised for getting his wing back to what it used to be. The big question mark for the potential top pick was how he has recovered from a throwing-shoulder surgery. Based on his workout for all of the NFL clubs, he has probably solidified his spot as the number one guy overall, following in Troy Aikman's footsteps of 1989, which long-time NFL evaluator Gil Brandt, compared Bradford's workout to.
I agree that Bradford looked very good and world's apart from Tebow's. I didn't see any dummies on the field for Bradford to jump over before throwing, but I did see a QB throwing very naturally and with good mechanics.
If Bradford is cleared as "good as new" on the shoulder, then the St. Louis Rams have just set up their future for the next decade and I think it is a good one.

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