Friday, March 26, 2010

Donovan McNabb On Revolving Hotseat

In the here today gone tomorrow world of professional sports, Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant and Donovan McNabb seem like the longest tenured superstars of the "Big 3" sports. I'm not sure I've heard any rumors of Jeter's potential departure and Kobe has created his own drama around contract talks, but it is Donovan McNabb that seems to regularly be in the news about getting shipped out of Philadelphia.
It is easy to look at the quarterback position for a quick face-lift on a franchise, just ask the Minnesota Vikings about that. But the city of brotherly love is not an easy place to survive, let alone prosper and McNabb has given the Eagles an opportunity to compete for the Super Bowl many times and still has plenty left to give them a few more runs at the big prize.
ESPN was bantering about who would you rather have for next year Brett Favre or Donovan? Are you kidding? I give all the credit in the world to Favre for the run he helped the Vikings make, but choosing between a 33 year old that has taken your team to multiple NFC Championship games and a S.B. appearance versus a guy that doesn't participate with the team until the season starts and is 40? Come on now.
Is the NFL draft coverage that thin? Andy Reid and McNabb need to keep it together and make another run.
I know opinions vary on this subject, but I believe they need to incorporate their 3rd string QB, Michael Vick, into the regular offense with McNabb still in the game at QB and create a more dynamic style "Wildcat" than any other team can create. Give it a shot Andy, it will be worth it.

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