Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Far Can Matt Cassel Take Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs haven't made much noise in the NFL for a few years and have had quite the coaching carousel recently, but I think Romeo Crennel and company have started to put together quite a nice group that might have Peyton Manning rethinking his move to the AFC West.
Matt Cassel doesn't get the most hype in the league and for good reason.  He came out of USC after backing up Matt Leinart his entire career and fell in behind Tom Brady at the Patriots, but when he got his chance he certainly made the most of it and cashed in with the Kansas City Chiefs.
What I like about Cassel is his QB mechanics.  He is one of the more balanced quarterbacks throughout his drop, set-up and delivery.  He has good arm strength and now that the Chiefs have surrounded him with a very good cast of characters on the offensive side of the ball, the Chiefs may have a lot to say this season.  Trust the Romeo Crennel will put a quality product on the field from the defensive side and the running tandem of Jammal Charles and the resurgent Peyton Hillis, along with scat-back Dexter McCluster, even if they don't win big in 2012, they will be very exciting.
Even though I do believe Cassel has very good mechanics generally, I posted this photo of Cassel to show something that I do not like and that is leaning forward and lowering your shoulders to stop.  As you can see, this causes the back foot to reach out and possibly slip and the balance to be completely forward so that the QB is not ready to throw a pass if needed.  Watching Cassel play, he does not do this all of the time and hopefully will continue to play with his body balanced between his legs (shoulders and hips stay level) even while stopping at the deepest part of his drop and the Chiefs will give us a great show this year.

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