Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vick Vexed and Flummoxed

Michael Vick has been getting his butt kicked so far this season.  It has looked bad on many weeks, but probably none more so than on Monday Night Football against the less than stellar defense of the New Orleans Saints. 
It sure looked like there was blame to go around for everyone, from the offensive line to coaching and to Vick himself, as the blocking schemes used allowed defensive linemen to come unblocked.  These situations are either huge mistakes by the linemen blocking the wrong guys or the protection being set incorrectly by Michael Vick.  Usually the rule is for the guys up front to block "Big On Big", meaning you wouldn't have your offensive tackle "slide-protect" away from a defensive end, leaving a running back to block a much bigger player, but not only did the Eagles slide-protect away, they didn't have a back come and block, so they allowed free rushers at Vick, leaving him in unwinnable situations too many times. 
Jon Gruden made the observation that the Eagles had been victimized in the "A" gap (the open spaces on either side of the center) in their previous game, but still left this gap open for Jonathan Vilma to come untouched on his way to blowing up Vick.
The Philadelphia Eagles look like they are in complete disarray right now, unable to even slow down the rush at Vick and the lowlights that they have been showing throughout the season, show Vick getting rag-dolled and hit by multiple players in very awkward situations.  So far he has continued to answer the bell and keeps getting up for more punishment, but that can only last so long, after all, even though he is playing in the same city as the fictitous character Rocky Balboa, who got knocked down and got back up more times than bowling pins.
The blame goes to everyone because it is obvious that they are not prepared to handle pressure from any team in the NFL, so instead of making Vick play from the pocket, they are going to have to move him on each and every passing play or very soon he will be watching from the sideline on crutches or a hospital bed.

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