Monday, October 22, 2012

Sanchez Continues Rookie Mistakes

Mark Sanchez is not a rookie.  Far from it at this point of winning multiple playoff games for his New York Jets.  Those playoff wins were grealy attributed to the team's stellar defense and to Sanchez's abiltiy to manage the offense.  I liked Sanchez coming out of USC because he did a nice job of anticipating his throws, so he looked like a more veteran player, even though he hadn't started all that many games for USC to come out a year early.  I had this discussion with Jon Gruden at a park while we watched our sons practice flag football with each other prior to the NFL Draft that also included Matt Stafford, the eventual first pick.  I thought Stafford depended on his strong arm too much and did not anticipate well.  Stafford had evolved in his development as a QB in the NFL and does a much better job of anticipating his throwing lanes and windows much better than he did a few years ago, but the problem for Mark Sanchez is he continues to make rookie mistakes far too often in games.
Last night Sanchez and the Jets battled the New England Patriots to overtime and when Sanchez was in the grasp of one defender being sacked, falling backwards and almost on the ground, he attempts to throw the ball as a second defender is crushing him from the front and he fumbles the ball.  He does silly things like that every game it seems.  He doesn't take care of the ball in critical situations and it has cost the Jets dearly.  Sanchez must start understanding the importance of ball security and that taking the sack to punt and play defense is better than giving the game away on a single play or the Jets are going to figure out that Tebow's offensive style may not be as sexy, but its ball control ways allows the team a chance to win at the end.

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