Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gunslingers Shoot It Out In Big D

Tony Romo and Jay Cutler are cut from the same quarterback cloth.  They are both extremely talented and both play extremely risky football.  Sometimes those risks pay off with big plays and sometimes they blow up in their faces.  Last night Jay Cutler's risks paid off with the big plays and Romo's blew up in the his and the Cowboys' faces.
The two quarterbacks are play similar football, but come at it from very different personality profiles.  Romo has the easy-going, "it's going to be OK", look, while Cutler is the brooding, cursing, fit-throwing passer.  Both are going to be fabulous at times and ugly-as-all-get-out at times.  I would rather be around the easy-go-lucky guy than the other option, if I had a choice, but neither team does. 
Can either of them reach the pinnacle of wild play-making and reach the Super Bowl like the future Hall-Of-Famer Brett Favre?  Either could probably get hot and put a three or four game stretch together in the playoffs, but the odds are very low for either, since their hot play must coincide with their defense playing their best at the same time.
At the beginning of the season, I asked the question if this is Romo's last ride and unless he pulls it together very quickly, it probably will be.  And for Cutler, people will put up with unhappy people for a little while or while they are winning, but unless the Chicago Bears go deep in the playoffs, it will probably be a short run in the windy city for him as well.

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