Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oklahoma's High Powered Offense Powers Bradford

Congratulations to Sam Bradford and the Oklahoma Sooners for adding another Heisman Trophy winner to their roles. Oklahoma's offense scored more points in more consecutive games in college football history and Bradford made it look easy most of the time. His "helicopter" move near the end zone a few weeks back probably helped his profile as well. However, blowing Texas Tech and their high level QB off the field probably sealed the deal.
Tim Tebow came in a close third, in fact, the closest voting between first and third ever with Colt McCoy in at number two. He also got the most first place votes, which is fitting, as the sitting trophy holder and has his team playing Bradford's for the biggest title.
It was a nice presentation and program and it seems like the three best players in college football this year are the three nicest kids in the world as well.

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