Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ryan and Flacco Revive Teams

The Rookie of the Year honor will have to be split by twins split at birth, or so it seems. Both Matt Ryan of the Falcons and Joe Flacco of the Ravens have led their teams to 8-4 records with one month left to go in the season, but what is uncanny is their stats thus far.
Ryan has completed 203 of 333, while Flacco is at 202 of 331. Right now Ryan has more passing yards (2625 to 2276), but both of their completion percentages are exactly 61%. Ryan's QB rating is 91.2 versus 82.3 based on interceptions. Flacco has 9 to date while Ryan has just 6 to go along with one more TD at 13.
The Ravens are second in the AFC North behind the Steelers, while the Falcons are third in the NFC South behind the Buccaneers and Panthers, but are lurking only one game back.
There will only be one rookie of the year, but it will be hard to choose between them. The nod may go to Ryan because the Falcons needed a savior just a bit more than the Ravens and he has delivered, but Flacco has done the job in Baltimore just as well.

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