Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brett Favre To Decide by Opening of Training Camp

Former NFL great Brett Favre will decide if he wants to become present NFL quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings by the time they open their training camp. How nice. Either the Vikings believe that they are an experienced QB away from the Super Bowl or they are so bad at quarterback right now that a one year window with Favre is worth playing around with, while not developing their current crop very much as they carry the clipboard this season.
Here's one thing in Favre's favor that neither he nor the Vikings seem to be realizing and you can see some of it in the photo with this article. Good mechanics. Brett doesn't want to come back unless he has that great arm strength that he has built a Hall of Fame career with, but little does he know that he may become the John Elway of this year. Elway threw the ball too hard for many years, but as he controlled himself a bit better after the age of 35, so too could Brett Favre if he isn't quite as confident in his arm strength. If he plays a little more controlled and within himself, Adrian Peterson and Favre could team up to make a run like Elway and Terrell Davis did to finish the 1990's of in grand fashion.
Brett doesn't need to have the strongest arm in the league, he needs to make the best decisions in the league because he has the most experience and that is what experience is supposed to do for you, give you better decision making skills, his arm will always be strong enough.

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