Tuesday, July 28, 2009

T.O. Gets It Right For a change

Although I don't think I agree with Terrell Owens very often on very much, I do think he is right about the additional punishment NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down to Michael Vick. The opinions vary on this one and even Tony Dungy weighed in today, also agreeing with T.O.. Owens is probably not the best spokeman for anybody and used a bad analogy to make his point, but with half a preseason and a suspension to start the year, it almost makes it impossible for Vick to get back into the league this year.
Since Vick has superhuman athletic ability, he may still make it back, but his suitors would have been few to begin with, but after two years out and no offseason program to learn an offense and get back in shape, it feels like Goodell reached even deeper to hurt the former all-star QB. Maybe Vick lying to the commissioner's face will have that effect, but I think two seasons out of the game was punishment enough.

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