Thursday, July 16, 2009

Former Texas Tech Star to Canada

Graham Harrell lit up defenses far and wide while at Texas Tech and made it look easy in the process. But college success doesn't always translate through the scouts eyes onto the NFL field.
I would put Harrell in the same boat as Colt Brennan, formerly of the University of Hawaii and now with the Washington Redskins, although they are different style quarterbacks. Both made the game look simple until they played teams with good defenses. Brennan's bad mechanics caught up with him in Hawaii's Sugar Bowl game against Georgia (his balls were far short from throwing off his back leg) and Harrell had similar problems with Oklahoma's fast defense.
I think Harrell is in the right place with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL-bigger field and 12 players, giving him room to dink and dunk like he did in Lubbock. The CFL has already started their season, so its a good time for him to drink in all he can about the new rules (multiple men in motion, 3 downs, etc.) from the sideline and get ready for next year.

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