Monday, September 28, 2009

Bucs, Browns Wearing Same Shoes

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers waited until the final game of the preseason to choose their quarterback for 2009. The Cleveland Browns waited even longer and now both teams are at the bottom of their respective conference barrels and both are making changes where? QB, of course.
The Bucs picked the slow-footed Byron Leftwich over the fleet-footed Luke McCown (and even traded McCown away to the Jaguars) and now turn their team over to the fleet-footed Josh Johnson (2008 5th round pick from the University of San Diego). There are more than a few pundits that had that mistake out before it was made (see my columns at This move being made as a opening act for the eventual appearance of their "savior" Josh Freeman.
On the Browns beat, they unfortunately have gotten a look at what was thought to be their own "redeemer" in Brady Quinn, but it may have been a false hope. Derek Anderson has the big arm and quick release, but hasn't been able to pull the poor Cleveland franchise out of the muck and mire either.
Neither team seems to have much motivation to rise up and compete, but we will see. Each has a new coach, but the one with experience (Eric Mangini) has players filing grievances against it and the other (Raheem Morris) speaks faster than any coach in history, but doesn't say much of anything at all.

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