Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quinn Wins The Browns' Derby

From all indications Brady Quinn has won the starting job for the Cleveland Browns. Is isn't a big surprise for the former first round pick and Ohio native to be given an opportunity after a good preseason and since the Browns haven't been great for a while.
Last season they went 24 straight quarters, that's six games without the offense scoring a touchdown and even though I like Derek Anderson a lot as a QB, it is time to give the "matinee idol" former "Golden Domer" his shot.
For you X's and O's guys, check out Quinn on drawing up and explaining a great play. Brady Quinn is right on two counts in the video. It is a great play and it is an old play. When I was in college under Mike Price's system we called it "84".
The problem for the Browns is if they run it they way they show it in the video, they will have no succes with it no matter who the QB is. The receivers are too tight on both sides of the ball. When they run their respective "post" and "dig" (6), they are in the same place on the field, which is the number one rule of designing a football play--don't have receivers in the same spot.
Hopefully someone in the Browns coaching organization will fix up their spacing and they can challenge a little bit this year.

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