Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Officially NFL Sucks

I have been trying to give the replacement officials the benefit of the doubt in many of the situations that have arisen in this early part of the season, reasoning that officials have always been controversial and always will be, but following the Monday Night debacle all debate is over.
The NFL officially sucks with these replacement officials changing the outcome of football games. 
The Green Bay Packers won this game in more ways than one, but the one that matters was on the final play of regulation, where an interception was turned into a touchdown by one of the officials, while the other was signaling touchback.  The biggest travesty is it was upheld on replay and the Seattle Seahawks literally steal a win.  Equally bad was the pass interference call just a few plays before that allowed the Seahawks to overcome a 1st and 38.  The Packers defender did not do anything to the streaking receiver and was flagged for the foul that gave Seattle a first and 10.  I think the reciever/defensive back play has been the most egregious problem for the replacement officials, with no one really knowing what is and what is not pass interference.
The NFL owners replaced the players in 1987, so replacing the officials was a no brainer, but the integrity of the game is now at stake and the owners need to make things move along in negotiations.  It doesn't mean fold your cards and give in, but get the arbitrater to arbitrate and make a deal.  Enough is enough!

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