Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jaws 14 Years Behind The Times

Ron Jaworski has been analyzing NFL play and its players for many years and I have always respected his experience and knowledge.  He even made a list of the top 30 quarterbacks in the league this summer, listing reasons for their rankings based on his study and analysis of each.
Unfortunately, while assessing Peyton Manning's early season struggles with the Denver Broncos and his new offense, he said Peyton hasn't quite returned to form and he knows this because Manning's passes are wobbling a bit.  He said he likes to see a nice tight spiral.  The problem with Jaworski's analysis is that Peyton Manning has been leading the NFL in passing for the last 14 years and has yet to throw a tight spiral. 
How could a learned QB critic not possibly know that Peyton Manning does not throw a spiral?  I train a number of little kids and when we start to talk about who to watch for proper mechanics and I say that Eli has better mechanics than Peyton, they almost always light up and say, "Ya, Peyton Manning's ball is wobbly!"  Too bad Jaws doesn't have the careful eye of today's youth. 
For those of you that want to know why Peyton Manning does not throw a tight spiral it is because he has too high of an overhead release and is too far forward too early as well.  This is why his right leg comes far off the ground when he throws and leans over his straight left a little too much.  Eli has better weight transfer and stays back longer, balanced between his feet while beginning the throwing motion.

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