Friday, September 14, 2012

Tony Romo's Last Ride?

Tony Romo seems like one of the nicer guys and best paid player in pro sports.  He plays QB for "America's Team".  He recently became a husband and even more recently a father.  Romo seemingly has it all and maybe he does, but 2012 may be his last chance to take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl or at least the NFC Championship game or he may just be a quarterback for another team sooner rather than later.
He got Dallas off on the right foot in the NFL's "kickoff" game last Wednesday by beating a inter-division foe in the defending Super Bowl champs.  The next time they play the Giants, I expect a better game from New York, but Romo can do amazing things in the regular season.  His problem has been the playoffs and the Cowboys new stadium is too big and too expensive not to have a team that reaches deep into the playoffs every year.  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones can't charge the big bucks needed to fill all those luxury boxes without great success between the lines on Sundays (well mostly Sundays).
I root for good guys and Tony Romo seems to be one of those good guys.  I hope he takes his current team to the promised land and not start over with another one in another city.

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