Friday, March 6, 2009

Warner back with Cards for 2 more years

Was there ever a doubt that Kurt Warner would eventually sign back up with the Arizona Cardinals? Sure he was upset about Todd Haley, his offensive coordinator, leaving. Sure he had to take an obligatory trip to San Fransisco to make the Cardinals get off their duffs and finalize the deal. But there was no chance in the heat of the Phoenix desert (almost as hot as you-know-where) that he was going to leave the offense that got him another appearance in the biggest show on earth in the waning years of his illustrious career.
To leave the Cardinals for the 49ers would have been worse than the immortal Joe Montana leaving late in his career for the Kansas City Chiefs. That didn't end well and neither would this, but there was no chance of that ever consummating. Great luck to a great QB. Let's see if the Cards can stay on top as they will be the hunted for the first time in franchise history.

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