Monday, March 2, 2009

Jay Cutlet Miffed at Trade Rumors

Denver Broncos Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler did not like the idea of being part of a trade deal, no he did not like it one bit. But, when you lead a team that is coached by a two-time Super Bowl winner and he gets shown the door, there might be some rumblings about who is the on-field leader as well.
Throw in the fact that the new head coach is the former New England Patriots offensive coordinator who just coached Matt Cassel into a franchise tag and there just might be some interest in continuing that relationship.
Now that the Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs consummated the trade that makes Cassel the new Chiefs QB, Jay Cutler continues as the Broncos signal caller for the time-being. And the time-being may be key as Cutler is upset enough at Broncos management to cut off communication with them, for the time-being anyway.
The rumor was that Cutler would be going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and that wouldn't have made Luke McCown very happy, as he was just told he would get a chance to win the starting position, but that would not have happened if the Cutler deal went through. McCown will have to wait it out as free agency continues, because if they were looking at that deal at the start of free agency, then there will be others considered as well.

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