Friday, May 15, 2009

Jeff Garcia Making Waves on West Coast

Good for the "old man". Jeff Garcia was jettisoned from Tampa Bay as the new regime cleaned house on both sides of the ball. Derrick Brooks is still looking for work. Garcia went back home to the bay area of California to most likely finish his career (who knows how many more teams he will play for before retiring) with the Oakland Raiders. It hasn't been long since he landed there that he is talking about being the starting quarterback at the beginning of the season. He made a statement about, "if the coaches make the right decision." It wasn't a flat-out claim that he was the right decision, but it will ruffle the big feathers of their huge investment QB JaMarcus Russell. The coaches will be using the non-stop work ethic of Garcia to see what kind of fight Russell wants to put up and what kind of work the ultra-talented youngster has in him.

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