Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tim Tebow getting NFL overhaul

When Scott Loeffler got the new QB coaching gig at the University of Florida, he was told not to screw up Tim Tebow. The screwing up was in reference to Tebow's screwed up passing techniques. Loeffler worked with notable quarterbacks while at the University of Michigan like Tom Brady (who I believe has the best mechanics in the league), but Brady had a private QB coach in California as well (check internet), so don't know where his "mechanics and fundamentals" credit is due.
Tim Tebow is a great college football player (probably the greatest) with his dual ability to run and throw, but his throwing motion is so far off balance that it makes some of us passing purists wince.
Now that Loeffler has gotten his feet wet in Gainseville, they are working on his techniques and even putting him under center to improve his future NFL status. Tebow says they are working on his footwork more than his motion and that is a good thing, because bad footwork causes the bad throwing motion. Improving the quickness of his release is key and getting a little bit higher release would help as well as he tends to put his right hand straight out to his intended target and extends the ball straight out behind him before making his throw. Where he needs to improve the most is in his overall balance while throwing. He completely over-rotates on most throws, where his push-off leg (left) finishes far past his lead leg and he is facing backward away from his target after throwing when his toes (of his lead leg) should end up pointed directly at the target.
What's interesting about this whole topic is that the current national champions are tweaking their offense to improve Tebow's stock at the next level. Head Coach Urban Meyer says that they will play from under center more because now they have a running back that can run from a standard set. Not buying that one.

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