Friday, May 29, 2009

Purdue Gets Hurricane Transfer

If you go back in my older blogs, you will see that I predicted that Robert Marve would not win the QB battle at the University of Miami. Randy Shannon has too much invested in the Miami area to let a Tampa player beat out one of his boys from close by. That would have upset too many other players that Shannon recruits from the nearby schools. Tampa has good football and good players, but doesn't put out the number of players in the proximity of the "U".
Robert Marve also was his own worst enemy, getting himself in academic and other hotwater that caused him to be suspended more than once. So Marve asked out of his scholarship and the U agreed with stipulations. Can't transfer to an in-state school or SEC or ACC schools. Wow, that puts a damper on things. After some haggling, he was allowed a little bit broader scope of schools to move to, he chose Purdue over walking on at Tennessee, one of the schools that stayed on the short list of banned prospects.
Purdue gets a very good QB. I read about him fitting the spread offense well and his running ability. Don't think Pat White or Tim Tebow with Robert Marve. Marve's best abilities lie in his arm. Not incredible arm strength, but good mechanics generally speaking and good experience throwing out of four and five wide sets in high school. If Marve buckles down mentally, he could be the next Drew Brees for the Boilermakers!

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