Saturday, January 24, 2009

Matt Cassel, Class Act, 2008 ABQB of the Year

It is always just a matter of opinion on post-season awards for any sport and so it is with the best NFL QB in 2008. I believe the award deservedly goes to the Patriots' Matt Cassel. Arguments will be made that Drew Brees almost broke Dan Marino's single season yardage mark and Peyton Manning did great things to get Indianapolis back to the playoffs again and the Patriots didn't even make it. All those things are true, but what Matt Cassel did this season as he came off the bench in the first quarter of the first game to replace Tom Brady was truly remarkable.
Cassel did not play much at USC behind Matt Leinart, but he is a top notch player with a huge future. Not only that, but talk of the future of playing QB for the Patriots was put to rest by Cassel himself, assuring us that there is no quarterback controversy in New England. It's Tom's team. Check out the link to this ESPN story ( Now that is leadership, something sorely missing in Big D and elsewhere. Matt's full-time work will come and it may even need to be in New England if Tom is not ready to go, but Cassel's technique is almost as clean as Tom Brady's and that will spell success wherever he may go.
Congratulations to Matt Cassel, America's Best Quarterback of 2008.

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