Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Trend: Star QB's Stay In School

First Colt McCoy said he was coming back for his senior year. Saturday Tim Tebow let Gator Nation know after almost walking off the stage at their stadium celebration that he would come back to do it again and now Sam Bradford, Oklahoma's Heisman Trophy winning sophomore quarterback announced that he will also come back to school. That is quite a trifecta of sorts. And it may leave USC's junior QB Mark Sanchez as the top QB in the draft if he indeed does declare on Thursday.
I have said that I like McCoy as the best prospect of those top three, but I am a Sanchez fan as well and think he is smart to come out now that Bradford is staying. All three of those other guys will come out next year and right now it is Matthew Stafford and Graham Harrell topping the list, which gives Sanchez a higher slot than next year in my book.

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John S said...

I was surprised to see Bradford staying. With a Heisman and a National Championship game, there isn't a whole lot to gain out of another season and a whole lot to lose. Tebow, on the other hand, has near college football immortality by staying and making another National Championship run and little to lose if the Gators don't get there. He will make a nice Tight End in the NFL. It was nice meeting Jeff Garcia this afternoon!