Friday, January 2, 2009

Pennington Wins Comeback Player Again

Chad Pennington played poorly enough in New York last year for the Jets to take on Brett Favre at the last minute and make him their starting quarterback. The Miami Dolphins were so bad last year at 1-15 that they took on Chad Pennington as their starter. Fast forward to December and the Miami Dolphins win the AFC East and the New York Jets are sitting home with teammates talking about Brett Favre's poor play down the stretch and his separation from the team all season.
Congratulations to Pennington for winning the award for the second time in his career, but the winner of this award was no doubt Jake Delhomme of the Carolina Panthers. He and Kerry Collins tied for second in the voting and I would have made Collins the second place recipient and put Pennington in third.
Delhomme had "Tommy John" surgery last year and the team was 7-9. He came back healthy this year and his team won the NFC South division. When you mess with a QB's throwing arm, especially his elbow and an unheard of injury for a quarterback, he deserves the award more than a team known for its "Wildcat" formation that produced a huge early win and momentum to carry them further.
Collins hasn't had to lead a team in a long time and when he stepped in for Vince Young early in the season to lead them to 11-0, a division title and home-field advantage, now that's a comeback.

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