Saturday, August 29, 2009

Freshman Barkley Wins USC Job

Jimmy Clausen was the #1 recruit in the nation his senior year of high school and couldn't win the starting QB job at Notre Dame his freshman year. But Matt Barkely has done what many other top recruits couldn't do, win the starting job at USC as a true freshman.
Barkley was the best high school QB after his junior year and his timing at USC was perfect. Following Mark Sanchez's early departure there was an opening and by all reports it was easy to see Barkley's talent even in spring ball.
Starting against San Jose State should also be good timing to get some confidence before hitting tougher competition.
Pete Carroll says he won the job, not because of his great arm strength though, but for his presence and knowledge. This is a big move for the Trojans as it can effect recruiting for the QB position for a couple years, since players know they won't get a chance to play early in their careers, which is a big tool for coaches to sell with.

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