Saturday, August 22, 2009

QB--Easy Position?

Brett Favre tosses balls with high school kids over the summer, signs with the Minnesota Vikings on Monday and starts on Friday night. Greg Paulus plays basketball through his college years before deciding to play QB for a season before his eligibility runs out and gets the starting job at Syracuse!
Once upon a time QB's had to practice with the team and earn their teammates trust to win the starting quarterback position.
These are wacky days in the football world. OK, Favre is a "Hall-Of-Famer in waiting" and he has a grasp of the Brad Childress' playbook, but it sends a chilling message to all those players that poured the blood, sweat and tears into offseason training and training camp to get moved down the depth chart so quickly and easily.
Favre started and looked very human, going 1-4 for 4 yards in a short stint. For the Syracuse Orange, here's hoping Paulus doesn't follow in Favre's recent footsteps.

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