Thursday, August 13, 2009

Look! One Hand a No-No

I've made it obvious that I liked Mark Sanchez coming out of USC this year as the best QB of the group. We will all wait and see on that, but one thing I don't like about what I've seen since he has been wearing the green and white of the NY Jets is how often I've seen pictures and videos of him holding the ball with one hand while still in the pocket. I never noticed that while he was still a collegian and I hope it is not a new, cool habit, because he will find out that ball security is A-#1 priority in the NFL.
Note to all QB's young and old, secure the ball with two hands whenever you can, but especially within the pocket. Not only does it help when you get blindsided or someone slapping at the ball near you, but it also helps you maintain a consistent stroke on your throws.
Keeping a strong grip on the ball will help you keep a stronger grip on the position battle.

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