Friday, August 7, 2009

Kyle Orton A Real Pro

Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton switched teams this spring by way of a trade in April. The new Chicago Bears QB dissed the Broncos' fans today, rating Bronco fans a 6 and Bears' fans a 9.
I don't know why Jay Cutler would act so childish (both before the trade and now), especially against the fans of Denver. I got my very first playing time in a preseason game at the old Mile High Stadium to a sell-out crowd that was rocking the stadium--in a preseason game! I thought they were great, but Cutler goes low at the fans instead of management, who he got so upset with earlier in the offseason. And by the way, Cutler doesn't know much about those Chicago fans yet does he?
On the other hand, Kyle Orton acted like a true professional when asked about Cutler's remarks, taking the high road and complimenting both city's fans. As a QB coach/trainer, Cutler may have more athletic ability, but his mechanics aren't good and here's hoping Orton's very good mechanics take the Broncos further than the Bears this year.

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