Friday, August 14, 2009

Top College QB's Doubling As Saints

Just finished a great article on Colt McCoy in ESPN The Magazine. Turns out Tim Tebow isn't the only saint leading a top college football power this season. When I speak to groups, I tell them not to put too much faith in people, because people will usually disappoint you (meaning keep your faith in God), but if these two "kids" can come anywhere close to living up to the hype on and off the field, then I say tell your own kids to go right ahead and make Timmy Tebow and Colt McCoy your heroes.
I can't wait to watch these two awesome players fight it out every week for the race to the Heisman Trophy, along with Sam Bradford (who seems to be quite a nice fella off the field as well) of course. With this many players on a "mission", it should be one whale of a year.

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